The big Empas renovation

Wednesday 4 October

Company news

Empas has grown rapidly in recent years, in both thermal weed control and spraying equipment for horticulture. This also means more personnel and therefore additional challenges in terms of logistics and workplaces. We came to realise that our current buildings are no longer big enough. Time to take action!

We took the decision to completely renovate our facility. With the assistance of architectural firm Guido Bakker we went looking for the best approach. This resulted in a beautiful design in which we make optimum use of the space we have. A huge change is the loading dock, which will make it much easier for every type of truck to load and unload from now on.

Solid foundation for the future

In addition to the many practical advantages, a new building also gives us opportunities to optimise our processes. For example, we now have Lean-Lifts in our warehouse to make order picking quick and easy, and we have streamlined our production process. We have achieved this through the implementation of various Lean principles. With this approach we are laying a solid foundation for the future.