Green professionals save fuel with MCB-Twin

Tuesday 27 February

Weed management

The Empas MCB-Twin hot water unit consumes 25% less fuel compared to other machines with the same capacity. The Twin provides landscape contractors with substantial cost savings as well as significant CO2 reduction. This is a big step towards more sustainable weed control.

Thanks to the three heat exchangers, water in the water tank is pre-heated to ±34 ˚C. Energy that would have otherwise been lost is now put to good use heating the water. This innovative, controlled burner technology provides significant fuel savings and emission reduction, a study has shown. The Twin was tested in practice at the municipality of Wageningen, by comparing running hours to fuel consumption. ‘It was a great trial with promising prospects for the future’, says Richard Rutenfrans, team manager urban management. An external engineering firm then verified the study results together with the engine manufacturer. Their conclusion was that the MCB-Twin saves about 3500 litres of fuel annually compared to other machines with the same capacity.