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The MCB-TWIN is a new hot water unit, developed to meet market demand for a unit that allows two people to use it at the same time. The machine is just as powerful as two MCBs and offers the advantage of allowing two people to independently perform weed control, cleaning or both at the same time. The innovative regulated burner technology provides significant fuel savings and emission reduction. The TWIN is ideal for hard to reach places and larger areas.

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Autonomous hot water unit

As an autonomous unit the MCB-TWIN can be used in various ways. The machine can be transported with a pick-up or trailer, and when mounted on a vehicle it can be used with a flow container. Thanks to the large access panel the inner workings are easily accessible for maintenance. The technical experts at Empas build the machines using standard hot water system parts, so service and maintenance are simple.


The TWIN has a 1000-litre water tank as standard but can also be fitted with a 1500-litre water tank as an option. We are also willing to discuss any other tank capacity you may require. The optional filling pump and the filter system make it possible to fill the tank with surface water within minutes. The MCB-TWIN features no fewer than three heat exchangers. A Yanmar diesel engine drives the complete hydraulic system. Innovative regulated burner technology ensures the proper operating temperature while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The unit is standard equipped with two stainless steel spring-retractable hose reels, each with 35 metres of hose.


The machine has a capacity of two times 12 litres per minute, allowing two people to work independently at the same time. What's more, one person working alone can utilise the full 24 litre per minute capacity. The capacity for hot water cleaning is up to 120 bar per person.

Technical specifications

  • Stainless steel water tank 1000-litre
  • 2-stage water filter
  • Yanmar diesel engine for hydraulic system drive
  • 2 burner boilers
  • 3 heat exchangers
  • 12V alternator
  • 2x stainless steel spring-retractable reel with 35-metre hose
  • 1 fuel tank
  • Capacity: 2x 12 litres or 1x 24 litres
  • Water temperature 102 °C
  • Consumption: an average of 70 litres of diesel per day (8 hours)
  • Pressure cleaning: 120 bar per person
  • PLC module for control and safety
  • 2x pistol grip with lance, watering head and high pressure nozzle
  • Dimensions 1000 L (LxWxH) 235 x 125 x 135 cm


  • Filling pump incl. suction hose and filter
  • Swivel arms for easily working behind objects, such as cars
  • 1500-litre water tank


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